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Funding opportunities overview for LTS 2017-2018

Because the LTS program is short and intensive and focuses on professional preparation, opportunities to be fully funded are competitive. Below are opportunities expected to be available in 2017-18.

American English Institute GE (Graduate Employee)
The American English Institute (AEI) will be awarding one 3-term GE contract to an LTS student. The AEI GE will teach an Oral Skills class six hours a week. To apply for an AEI GE position, please send a cover letter and resume by March 20 to Linda Campbell, Department of Linguistics Graduate Coordinator, at The department will review the applications and make decisions by April 10.

Additional GE positions sometimes become available at the AEI even as late as September, when enrollment at the AEI during Fall term and the need for additional teachers becomes clearer. These contracts are term-to-term rather than 3 terms. All applicants for the 3-term AEI GE position listed above will be automatically considered for these positions when they arise.

Paid tutoring, conversation partner, and writing tutor positions are also available at the AEI and the University Teaching and Learning Center:

Language Resource Center Curriculum Development Assistant GE (Graduate Employee)
The Curriculum Development Assistant GE at the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) contributes to the UO’s reputation as a national leader in language learning. The GE will help design curriculum and evaluate pedagogical interventions, create professional development workshops and resources, facilitate research projects focused on language teaching and learning, and help pilot teaching interventions. This position will be announced in late March, and applications will be due in mid- or late April. Interested applicants may contact Associate Director Mandy Gettler at for specific required qualifications and information on how to apply.

• In addition to the opportunities above, some qualified LTS students find GE positions in other language departments when teaching positions become available (such as the Romance Languages Department or the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department). Please contact those departments to inquire about possibilities.

• You can also check the Graduate School website for additional GE positions (new ones become available weekly) and other university financial aid opportunities, such as scholarships or work-study opportunities:

• The Chinese Flagship Program offers paid positions to tutors for their Chinese Flagship students at UO. Contact Professor Zhuo Jing-Schmidt at for more information.

• For international students, some scholarships or financial aid options are also provided through the Office of International Affairs (OIA): Please note that these scholarships may have earlier deadlines than the LTS program deadline. Please contact Director Keli Yerian if you are applying for these OIA scholarships, as you should complete your application to LTS before the scholarship deadlines.