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Collaborations – LTS and the American English Institute (AEI)

In addition to the fact that LTS and the AEI share excellent faculty, there are many more wonderful ways that LTS students can benefit from the connections between LTS and the AEI.


AEI and LTS students ‘throw the O’ for University of Oregon

1. LTS students can apply for Graduate Employee positions at the AEI (Teaching Fellowships). In these positions, LTS students teach their own AEI class, usually an upper level Oral Skills class in the Intensive English Program. GEs in these classes teach 4-5 hours a week. See Funding for more information.

2. LTS students can intern in an AEI classroom for elective credit one or more terms, assisting the instructor and teaching selected parts of the class under supervision.

3. LTS students with less than two years of full time teaching experience must take LT 537, a “pre-practicum” class in either Fall or Spring terms. In this class, LTS students teach AEI students in an AEI discussion elective, under the supervision of the LT 537 instructor.

4. LTS students can always observe any level or skill-focus of AEI classes. These observations are often built into LTS course assignments.

5. LTS students can work for pay as AEI Conversation Partners and Tutors, Activities Lead, or at the AEI Help Desk.

6. AEI faculty have extensive expertise in EFL and ESL (and sometimes additional languages), and help LTS students every year by serving on relevant LTS Master’s Project committees.

To learn more about LTS students’ experiences in internships and teaching, check out our LTS blog. Find out more about the AEI here.cd2ye15veaapdty-1024x768-1