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Julie Sykes


(PhD, University of Minnesota; M.A. Arizona State University) is a national leader in the use of digital technologies for language acquisition. Her research includes a special focus on interlanguage pragmatic development and intercultural competence. Dr. Sykes’ experience includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of online immersive spaces and the creation of place-based, augmented reality mobile games to engage language learners in a variety of non-institutional contexts. Julie serves as the Director of the Center for Applied Second Language Studies, a National Foreign Language Resource Center, and Co-Director of the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program.

Recent Publications:

  • Reinhardt, J. & Sykes, J., Eds. (2014). Game and play activity in technology-mediated L2 teaching and learning. Special issue of Language Learning and Technology, 18(2).
  • Taguchi, N. & Sykes, J., Eds. (2013). Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching. John Benjamins Language Learning and Teaching Series.
  • Sykes, J. & Reinhard, J. (2012). Language at Play: Digital Games in Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. Series on Theory and Practice in Second Language Classroom Instruction, J. Liskin-Gasparro & M. Lacorte, series eds. Pearson-Prentice Hall.
  • Holden, C. & Sykes, J. (2011). Leveraging mobile games for place-based language learning. International Journal of Game-based Learning. 1(2), 1-18.
  • Sykes, J. (2010). (In)Commensurable Discourse: Researchers and Practitioners Bring Pragmatics to the Language Learning. Viewpoints Article. Studies in Hispanic and Luscophone Linguistics, 253-263.

Recent Presentations:

  • Pragmatics, emergent digital spaces, and L2 learning. With Steven L. Thorne. 19th Pragmatics and Language Learning Conference, April 2014.
  • Beyond Four Walls: Place and Space in International Education. 21st Annual Meeting on the Internationalization of US Education. Williamsburg, VA, April 2014.
  • Gamification for Language Learning, Invited Pre-Conference Workshop, with J. Reinhardt. 47th Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), November 2013.
  • Digital Technologies Symposium. Invited Panel Speaker. April 2013.
  • Place is Key: An Examination of Mobile Games and Simulations in Language Learning. Invited Keynote speaker. 5th Ohio University CALL Conference, April 2013.

LT Courses Taught:

  • LT 610 Seminar (Technology, Discourse and Second Language Acquisition)
  • LT 610 Seminar (The Teaching and Learning of Intercultural Pragmatics)