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Laura G. Holland


(MA TESOL, Teachers College, Columbia University, BS Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Wheelock College) has been involved in classrooms in widely diverse settings since 1975, and in ESL/EFL classes since 1985. Her specialties are in teacher training and new faculty mentoring, online professional development courses, and Intensive Language Program teaching. Her special interests are in teaching oral communication skills, incorporating media into English Language classes, and alternative supervision and observation models. She is currently the New Faculty Mentor and GE Supervisor for the American English Institute and the external reviewer for ICPNA/Chiclayo, a CEA accredited language Institute in Northern Peru. She is an active member of ORTESOL, NYS TESOL, TESOL International and PeruTESOL.


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Recent presentations:

  • Professional Development workshops for teachers: “Posing Questions and calling on Students;” “Working Backward to Propel Student Learning Forward;” “Active Learning Models and Approaches;” “Improving Lesson Plans;” “In-House Professional Development Opportunities,” ICPNA/Chiclayo, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru, 2018
  • “Individual and Organizational Thriving in Difficult Times,” with Britt R. Johnson, EnglishUSA, Monterey, CA, USA, 2018
  • Ongoing Professional Development for Teachers: “The Importance and Fun of Attending Conferences and Workshops,” Webinar, Alianza Teacher Education Program, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017
  • Keynote Address: “Paths to Success for a Lifetime of Teaching,” PeruTESOL, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru 2017
  • “Working Backward to Propel Students Forward; Peer Observation Made Easy: Practical Tips and Strategies,” PeruTESOL, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Peru 2017
  • “Community Building in the Language Classroom & The Power of Positive Language,” Summer Seminar Series for Eugene Homeless and Other Community, Eugene, OR, USA, 2017
  • “Microteaching for Classroom Management: Impromptu Challenge Workshop” with Keli Yerian; “Engaging Digital Natives with Film: Optimizing Listening Fluency Practice” with Ted Adamson, TESOL International, Seattle 2017
  • “Peer Observation Made Easy: Practical Tips and Strategies,” CamTESOL, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2017
  • “Film clip + storytelling + chanting= engaged listening/speaking practice,” ORTESOL, Portland, USA, 2016
  • “5 + 5 = Wow: Whole films and clips as springboards for engaged listening practice,” with Ted Adamson, ORTESOL, Portland, USA, 2016
  • “Igniting a Fire: Scaffolding Student Success in Selecting/Viewing Films for Independent Listening Fluency Practice,” with Ted Adamson, ORTESOL, Portland, USA, 2016
  • “Movie Clips: Treasure Troves for Speaking, Grammar & Pronunciation;” Active Learning: A Three-Pronged Approach for Engaging Students PeruTESOL, Arequipa, Peru, 2016
  • “Rip it from the Book! Breathing Life Back into Lessons” PeruTESOL, Trujillo, Peru; Tri-TESOL, Des Moines, WA, 2015
  • “Film clip + Storytelling + Chanting = Engaged Listening” PeruTESOL, Trujillo, Peru; Tri-TESOL, Des Moines, WA, 2015
  • “Proactive Mentoring: Shifting Roles, Many Hats” Tri-TESOL Des Moines, WA, 2015
  • “Posing Questions and Calling on Students: Engaging Everyone!”. Lima, Peru. 2014
  • “Creating Your Language Learning Community: Week One and Beyond”. Lima, Peru. 2014.
  • “Reactive to Proactive: Teacher Mentoring in a Growing ESL Program” with Lara Ravitch, Keli Yerian, and Britt Johnson. TESOL, Portland, OR, 2014.
  • “Innovative Pre-Practicum for N/NN Speakers of English”, with Trish Pashby, TESOL, New Orleans, 2011.
  • “Sticking with Facts: Guidelines for productive observations and post-observation conversations”, ORTESOL, Portland. 2011.
  • “Looking at the facts: do we see the same things?”, ORTESOL, 2009 & 2010.
  • “Project-based Literacy: phrasal verbs”, video presentation at University of Oregon, 2009.
  • “Cooperative language learning communities: teaching critical thinking”, ORTESOL and TESOL, 2008/2009.

LT courses taught:

  • LT 4/537 Teaching Practice