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Marjorie Barker


(PhD, MA Linguistics, University of Oregon; MS Education, TESL specialization, Radford University) has experience teaching English and French in Haiti and the United States. Areas of special interest include pragmatics, the relationship of language and cognition, and philosophy of language.

Current research projects:

  • (In press) with Dr. Eric Pederson (Linguistics, University of Oregon) Syntactic complexity in a verbal production task.
  • With Dr. Habibollah Ghassemzadeh (Tehran University of Medical Sciences) Cross-linguistic metaphor.

Recent publications:

  • M. Barker & T. Givón (2002). On the pre-linguistic origins of language processing rates. In Givón, T. and Malle, B. F., The Evolution of Language out of Pre-Language. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  • M. Barker & T. Givón (2005). Representation of the interlocutor’s mind during conversation. In Malle, B. F. and Hodges, S. D., Other Minds. New York & London: The Guilford Press.

LT courses taught:

  • LT 528 (Culture, Language, and Literature)
  • LING 540 (Linguistic Principles and 2nd Language Learning)