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Tom Delaney


(PhD University of Auckland; MA, Monterey Institute of International Studies) has taught in Korea, Japan, Colombia, Turkey, New Zealand, and the United States. In addition to teaching English for academic purposes at the American English Institute, he regularly teaches courses in the LTS program and is involved in program administration. In addition to being interested in all aspects of language teaching and program administration, his research agenda currently focuses on issues related to assessment, such as how to set standards for placement tests and how to implement effective test specification and evaluation procedures in language programs. He also has on ongoing interest in the relationships between individual learner differences (personality, anxiety, and learner beliefs) and language learning. He is an active member of ORTESOL, TESOL, and the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL).

Recent Publications:

  • Delaney, T. (2012). Quality and quantity of oral participation and English proficiency gains. Language Teaching Research, 14(4), 467-482.
  • Delaney, T. and A. Evans (2012). Transitioning to Online Placement Testing at a Large University. TESOL Higher Education Interest Section Newsletter.
  • Delaney, T. (2009) “Putting names and faces together: Using digital photo sheets to manage large classes”. In Farrell, T.S.C. (Ed.). Classroom Management. Arlington, VA, USA: TESOL.

Recent Presentations:

  • “Online ESL placement testing: Transitioning, monitoring, adapting”, with Alison Evans. EnglishUSA Professional Development Conference, San Francisco, CA. 2014.
  • “Transitioning to online placement testing in a large university program”. TESOL, New York, NY. 2011.
  • “Extensive Reading in an Academic Intensive English Program: Merits and Challenges” with Nicole Eustice. Extensive Reading World Congress, Kyoto, Japan. 2011.
  • “Oral Participation—Quality Over Quantity”. ORTESOL, Portland, OR.  2009.

LT courses taught:

  • LT 535 (Second Language Teaching Methods)
  • LT 549 (Testing and Assessment)
  • LT 610 (Seminar: Teaching L2 Writing)
  • LT 610 (Seminar: Individual Differences in Language Learning)