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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a PhD in the Language Teaching Studies Program?

Does the LTS program have a thesis requirement?

Do I need a Linguistics background to apply to the program?

When does the program start? 

Can I apply at any time?

I have taken SLAT courses at the University of Oregon. Are the admissions and credit requirements the same for me?

I have taken the TEFL certificate courses at Western Oregon University. Are the admissions and credit requirements the same for me?

I am a graduate of the Hanyang-Oregon Joint TESOL Program or Hanyang University TESOL certificate program.  Are the admission requirements the same for me?

Is a GRE required?

What are your TOEFL requirements?

Do you accept the IELTS?

If I do not meet the department requirements, can I be admitted conditionally?

Do I need to send transcripts to the Department of Linguistics?

What is an official transcript?

What should I do if I haven’t yet completed my degree?

Have you received all my documents?

I’ve sent in all my documents. When will I know if I’ve been accepted?

What happens if all my documents don’t arrive by the deadline?  Will I still be considered?

Do I need to be in Eugene to take the online courses?

What are the computer and Internet accessibility requirements for taking the online courses?

How often will I need to be online to participate in the online courses?

(for international students) How does taking courses online affect visa eligibility?

What is the tuition for the LTS program?

Do you offer funding for incoming LTS students?