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MA Past Projects

LTS Master’s Project Titles 2005 to 2021

Note that the full manuscripts are not publicly available through the Department.

Master’s Project Title
2021 Ellie Collins Using “Non-standard” Varieties of English in Remote Language Classrooms: Working towards Social Justice
2021 Ken Ezaki A Novice Spanish Heritage Language Curriculum for Receptive Bilinguals in a University Context
2021 Keegan Livermore Building Yakima Ichishkiin home domain conversational skills: Talking, Texting, and Posting
2021 Tigre Lusardi Equipping Novice ESL Learners to Make Informed Pragmatics Choices Using the IPIC Model: A Materials Portfolio
2021 Ryane Sergent A Pragmatics Focused Online Medical Spanish Curriculum for Professionals
2021 Andrew Stevens Corpus Searching and Flipped Learning: A Project-based Approach to Adult ESL
2021 Elaine Sun Integrating MMORPG into Multi-skills Curricula for EFL Learners in Chinese Private High Schools
2020 González Zacarias, Juan Carlos Pedagogical Materials for Teaching the Nahuatl Language and Nahua Culture to Adults in Prisons in the US
2020 Hackney, Leigh Teaching EFL/ELF in Italy’s Public Schools for Study Abroad
2020 Hirota, Yoshihisa Differentiating a Middle School Class through TBLT with English as a Lingua Franca in Mind: A Teaching and Materials Portfolio
2020 Lee, Cathy Addressing the Pragmatics of Honorifics in Korean for College KFL Learners in the US: A Teaching Portfolio
2020 Li, Chaoying (Lily) Incorporating Project-Based Language Learning in Montessori School Chinese-English Bilingual Classes
2020 Lyon, Johanna Accessing Social and Community Services in English: A Curriculum for Immigrant and Refugee Language Classes
2020 Pfeffer, Lorelei Implementing Music into the German Language Classroom
2020 Robson, Dustin Enhancing Adult Digital Literacy within the ESL Classroom
2020 Tuckta, Jermayne Auna Papasamxnata Ichishkinki Anakush Nami Nch’ich’ima (Now Let’s Converse in Ichishkin Like Our Elders Do)
2020 Yiamkis, Connor A Portfolio of Reclaiming Domains in the Ó tissi Language
2020 Yu, Jing (Reagan) Using Music to Aid the Teaching of Cantonese Tones to Adults Non-tonal Language Speakers
2019 Chen, Alina Using Metacognitive Strategies to Support Vocabulary Development of Chinese Language Learners
2019 Eaglespeaker, Shayleen A Kiksht Revitalization Model: Using Linguistic Materials and a Digital Platform to Learn and Teach a Sleeping Language
2019 Korecki, Jethna EFL College English Writing for Multi-Level Students: Incorporated Differentiated Activities with Process Writing Strategies
2019 Li, Shiyun (Jasmine) Integrating the Use of Modified and Authentic Literature to Develop Extensive Reading Skills for Adult and Young Adults EFL Learners in China
2019 Li, Yang Building Learner Agency through Problem-Solving Tasks and Collaborative Learning in a Private High School CFL Class
2019 Napancca-Herrera, Jesus An Intensive Spanish for Specific Purposes Course for Travelers in Cusco, Peru
2019 Ni, Zuxuan Developing Integrated Four Skills: A Thematic Course Design with Authentic Materials for CFL Secondary Students in the US
2019 Parham, Brittany Waat Nam Páwiiwapiitataxney? Would You Please Help Me? Reclaiming Request Interactions in Yakima Ichishkíin Language
2019 Reid-Olds, Tera Preparing ESL Students for American University Literature Classes: A Materials Portfolio
2018 Brennan, Sean Building Linguistic Fluency in Chinese through the Development of Extensive Reading Skills
2018 Busso, Alexis Employing Metacognitive Strategies through an Interdisciplinary Approach for Engagement in International Concerns: An English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Writing Course
2018 Cheng, Yuxin Mandarin Chinese summer camp: Developing language skills and cultural awareness through Chinese immersion in a CFL context
2018 Huddleston, Lee Local Legend Literature as Content in English Language Classrooms: a Micronesian High School Context
2018 Kellum, Kunie Incorporating Project-Based Learning with Form-Focused Instruction in Japanese High School EFL classes under the Constraints of MEXT-Prescribed Textbooks
2018 Lyau, Krystal Preparing Lower Proficiency Students for the English Composition Segment of the General Scholastic Ability Test in Taiwan with Genre-based Pedagogy
2018 Matz, Logan Pragmatic Communication in an Academic Context for International Graduate Students
2018 Omata, Yumiko Fostering Learner Autonomy Beyond Classroom and Border: JFL Global Collaborative Language Learning
2018 Patrick-Riley, Zach Improving Phonological Competence in Preparation for the Cambridge FCE Speaking Exam
2018 Vu, Ngan Teaching and Learning L2 Composing Process: Adopting Extensive reading in L2 Integrated Reading-Writing in ESL classrooms in US community college
2018 Wang, Shulei (Rebekah) Using Short Stories to Prepare Chinese Students for U.S. University Academic Writing
2018 Alamoudi, Saba Integrating Teaching Pronunciation in Arabic as a Second Language (ASL) Curricula
2018 Fang, Chiao-Wei Using Picture Books for Storytelling and Performing: Project-Based Curricular Materials for EFL High School or University Students
2017 Okamoto, Asuka Using Japanese to Teach “English Only”: A Plurilingual Approach for Transitioning to a New National Curriculum in Japan
2017 Li, Tian (Adam) Why don’t they sound native-like?: A research report on acoustic features that affect American learners’ Korean accentedness rating
2017 Accurso, Juliane Crafting a Brand in English for English Language Learning (ELL) College Athletes
2017 Adams, Joliene An Adaptive Place–Conscious Ichishkíin Materials Portfolio
2017 Lee, Jiyoon Korean as a Second Language for English Speaking Husbands: a Multi-cultural Family Situation-based Curriculum
2017 Lawrence, Becky Creative Writing in the Digital Age: A Course Design for Intermediate ELLs Majoring in English at an American University
2017 Kim, SeungEun Using Literature to Develop Critical Thinking and Reading Skills in an EFL Class at University
2017 Chris Meierotto Using Podcasts to Teach Academic Listening for International Undergraduate Students through Metacognition: A Flipped Portfolio
2017 George Minchillo Academic Writing Skills for International Students of Chemistry at a U.S. University
2017 Valeria Ochoa Integrating Service Learning into University Level Spanish Heritage Language Classes in the United States
2017 Shi, Heidi Farewell to your ‘Inauthentic Chinese’: A Materials Portfolio for Improving CFL Learners’ Pragmatic Competence
2017 Ren, Chaoyi  A Study of Cohesion in Spoken Narrative Discourse of English-Speaking CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) Learners
2017 White, Daniel Deciphering the Cryptogram: A Word Puzzle Supplement to Traditional Lexicogrammatical Acquisition
2017 Iryna Zagoruyko Marching to Different Drummers: Teaching a Mixed Class of Heritage and Non-Heritage Learners of Russian with Motivation in Mind
2017 Zhao, Reeya A Career Exploration Course in Mandarin Chinese for Young Learners in East Asia
2017 Zhu, Lin Using TBLT to Address Locative Phrase Word Order Transfer Errors from English L1 to Chinese L2
2017 Yoon, Sue A Multiliteracies Approach to Teaching Korean Multimodal (Im)politeness
2017 Lemos Almeida, Eliana Addressing Language Anxiety in the ESL classroom: an Action Research Intervention
2016 Carpenter, Kathryn Differentiated Instruction Based on Individual Motivating Factors for Language Learners: A Teaching Portfolio
2016 Deng, Xiaoxia Teaching Basic Business Chinese to CFL Learners in US Colleges: A Course Design
2016 Daradics, Christopher An Emergent Ecological Curriculum for Study Abroad
2016 Johnson, Kateland Academic Writing through Blogging: A Project-Based EAP Writing Course
2016 Letcher, Emily Teaching Interlanguage Pragmatics of Disagreement in a Secondary EFL Context Using Film and TV Shows
2016 Marshall, Annelise Engaging International Students in the U.S. University Experience
2016 Mitteis, Maggie A Teaching Portfolio for the Ukrainian Pedagogical College
2016 Musashino, Keisuke Success for Everyone – Examples of Differentiated Instruction for Middle School Japanese Immersion Students
2016 Building Academic Writing and Research Skills by Integrating Learner Autonomy into University EFL Academic Writing Courses in
2016 Sittiwong, Sirilak Improving Oral/Aural Skills and Pragmatics through Films: A Materials Portfolio for Military Learners in Thailand
2016 Swanson, Ava Using Children’s Literature with Adult EFL Learners to Foster Individual and Family Literacy
2016 Torkkola, Anna TBLT in Low- and High- Technology Contexts in Southeast Asia
2016 Wagner, John Effective and Efficient Form-Focused Instruction Using CLT for German as a Foreign Language: A Course Design
2015 Houle, Richard Student Autonomy in Academic Vocabulary Learning: An English for Academic Purposes Teaching Portfolio
2015 Hester, Maile Authentic Japanese Media Materials for Teaching KEIGO (Honorific Speech) and Different Speech Styles to JFL Learners
2015 Nazaroff, George Facilitating Motivation, Identity, and Linguistics Skills through Traditional Songs in the Russian Molokon Community
2015 Al-lahji, Wedad Implementing Communicative Language Teaching in Saudi Colleges’ English Preparatory Programs
2015 Anderson, Regan Reclaiming Home Domains in a Yakima Ichishkiin Language Classroom
2015 Hertal, Kelsey Integrating American English Pragmatic Instruction in Tourism Training Programs in Latin America: A Materials Portfolio
2015 Murphy, Sarah  An Open Educational Resources Portfolio for Community College ESL
2015 McCormick, Haley English for Social Life: A Curriculum Design for an IEP Elective
2015 Mann, Loreli Using Douglas Adams “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in an IEP Elective Creative Writing Course
2015 Myers, Liatris Integrating Instruction on Pragmatically Appropriate English Oral Requests into IEP Courses in the U.S.
2015 Parikka, Sanna-Katja Mikakati Ya Kusoma: Teaching Reading Strategies Through Total Physical Response Storytelling to Young Learners in Tanzania
2015 Pearson, Ben Using Analog Games to Improve Negotiation Skills in Upper Intermediate Level ESL Learners
2015 Perea, Shawn Communicative Writing: Integrating Computer Mediated Communication in the ESL Classroo
2015 Rasmussen, Katherine Using MALL to Increase Motivation and Autonomy in Japanese University EFL Learners: An App Design
2015 Roldán Marcos, Patricia Integrating Authentic Audiovisual Materials Using CALL to Improve Listening in an Intermediate Level (B1) EFL Adult Classroom in Spain
2015 Ullman, Al Breaking the Cycle, Building a Future: A sustainable Peer-Based Tutor Training Workshop for ESL Learners Inside the Prison System
2015 VanPelt, Tiffany Ubiquitous Mobile Activities for US-Thai Short Term Study Abroad
2015 Walker, Wanda A Language Teacher’s Guide to Differentiated Instruction: A Workshop Design
2015 Wu, Weiwei Teaching Chinese Through Contemporary Chinese Literature at the University Level in the United States
2015 Wei, Xiaoshuang Grammar and Cohesion–Developing Discourse Abilities in American Learners of Chinese
2014 Mardones, Karen Integrating Pronunciation and Games into a Pre-ESP Novice Level English Course at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile
2014 Hasegawa, Yoko Connecting the Dots: A Teaching Portfolio for Adult Heritage Learners of Japanese in Hawaii
2014 Ball, Shannon Teaching Adult Community ESL through Children’s Literature
2014 Kim, Sejin Teaching TOEFL Listening Using MALL (Mobile-Assisted Language Learning)
2014 Daza, Ruth De la Casa a la Clase: A Materials Portfolio for Heritage Spanish Instruction
2014 Kea, Sothy Integrated Oral Skills English Pronunciation Course for Cambodian College Students
2014 Niyibigira, Richard ESP Course Design for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Rwanda
2014 Kato, Misaki The Effects of Peer Review Training on ESL Upper-Intermediate Students’ Individual Writing Skills
2014 Walker, Megan An Online Materials Portfolio for the Self-study of the Chinuk Wawa Language
2014 DeLand, Lindsay Graphic Novels as Motivating Authentic Texts for Adult English Language Learners
2014 Joe, Kyungsik Task-based Reading for Korean High School Students: A Teaching Portfolio
2014 Koo, Jung Eun Using Literature to Develop Reading/Writing and Critical Thinking Skills for Teens in Korean Private School
2014 Ko, Eunjoo English Activities for Interactive Communication in TOEIC-focused Korean University Courses
2014 Lee, Chongsik Teaching English by Using Digital Storytelling in Korean Secondary Schools
2014 Byun, Bongkeol English Newspaper Mediated Writing: A Course Design
2014 Havens, Abigail Writing Skills in a Flash: An Intermediate ESL Flash Fiction Course
2014 Gutierrez, Hortensia Teaching Forms of Address in Chilean Spanish to U.S. College Students
2014 Liu, Kai Using Gamification in Chinese Teaching: A Gamified University Chinese Course for Advanced Students in the U.S.
2014 Alshabeeb, Fahimah Assessing Oral Proficiency in Large EFL Classrooms in Saudi Arabia
2014 Tan, Zijing (Tango) A Content-Based Course Design: Teaching Chinese Through Six Chinese Festivals to High-Level Learners in the U.S.
2013 Nunes, Fernanda Goncalves da Silva Integrating Form-Focused Communicative Activities for Brazilian Fifth Graders in Public Schools: A Textbook Adaptation
2013 Marruffo, Sara Making Subject-Area Connections with Novice Learners of Russian at the Secondary School Level
2013 Schwendeman, Gail Integrating Task-Based Principles into a High Beginning Mandarin Chinese Conversation Classroom
2013 Peng, Xinjia Communicative Activities for Practicing Chinese Grammar in Lower-Level Chinese Classes: A Teaching Portfolio
2013 Park, Mihee A Lexis-based Teaching Portfolio for Middle School Students in Korea
2013 Park, Jeongho Using Role-Plays to Improve Korean EFL Adult Learners’ Oral Skills: A Materials Portfolio
2013 Lee, Eun Young Pre-Service Workshop for Native English Teachers in Korea
2013 Kim, Sangheon Teaching Writing for Korean High School Students Using a Process Genre Approach
2013 Kim, Minjung Pre-reading Activities for High School English Classes in Korea
2013 Kim, Hojin Listening Instruction for EFL Adult Korean Learners Using Authentic Media Materials: A Teaching Portfolio
2013 Kim, Ahyeong Project-Based Korean Course for Young Learners in the U.S.
2013 Ji, Xiaoxuan A Content-based Culture Course for Advanced Level Chinese Heritage Learners
2013 Hirahata, Aki Integrating the Four Skills into Reading and Grammar Focused Classes in Japanese Public High Schools
2013 Hayashi, Eri Fostering Willingness to Communicate among Young Adult Japanese EFL Learners through Form-Focused Communicative Activities
2013 Gaines, Isaac A Teaching Portfolio for Facilitating English Use Outside the ESL Classroom for Low-Level Learners
2013 Foroughifar, Sarah A Function-based Course Design for Beginning Level Persian
2013 Felix, Ryan Jazz Chants for ELT Cued Pronunciation Readings: A Materials Portfolio
2013 Chen, Jing-Yun Using Online Simulation Videos and Task-based Materials to Acquire Survival Chinese in a Blended Learning Context
2013 Carmicheal, Andrew Efficient and Effective Techniques for Integrating Pronunciation into Beginner Level Adult English Language Classes
2013 Burling, Mylece A Teaching Portfolio of Workshop Tasks for Brazilian English Teachers Applying for the CAPES Scholarship
2013 Bigelow, Brandon Teaching English for Academic Purposes through U.S. History using Content-Based Instruction for Intermediate-High ESL Learners
2013 Atwood, Kodiak A Teaching Portfolio for Making Standardized Test Preparation Activities More Communicative in a Gamified English Classroom in Japan
2013 Cox, Sura A Participatory Approach for Adult ESL: Course Design
2013 Gates, Jennifer EFL Oral Skills Instruction Through Stories for Use by Non-Native English Speaking Elementary Teachers
2013 Shim, Haeseong Integrating Reading and Writing Based on a Genre Approach for Korean EFL High School Students: A Teaching Portfolio
2012 Liu, Lin Teaching the (ba) Construction to Intermediate University Students by using Task-Based Language Teaching Principles in the U.S.
2012 Yuk, Seunghee Using Diction-Related Reconstruction Techniques to Develop EFL Intermediate Learners’ Writing Skills: A Teaching Portfolio
2012 Zhang, Chi Using Board and Card Games to Enhance Task-Based TESOL Oral Skill Classes for Low-Motivated Young Adults
2012 Tipbunlue, Thiranpaka Content-Based Instruction: Teaching English Through Natural Disaster Themes to Thai Young Learners
2012 Meizlish, Taylor Teaching “Suggesting” to Intermediate English Learners: Principles and Techniques for Teaching and Adapting Materials
2012 Liu, Yuan Yui Pedagogical Techniques to Reinforce Discourse Competence in Oral Proficiency Development for Intermediate Learners of Chinese
2012 Liu, Xiaoxiang A Training Course for Autonomous Japanese Learning
2012 Lee, Keunyoung Form-Focused Teaching Materials with Communicative Activities for Non-Heritage Learners of Korean
2012 Kono, Ai Guidelines for Using Code-Switching as a Teaching Practice in JFL University Classes
2012 Kim, Mi Sun An After-School Writing Course Through Media in Korean High Schools
2012 Han, Young Juo Effective Ways to Use TPR and Songs for Young Learners in EFL Teaching Contexts
2012 Griffin, Amy Developing Willingness to Communicate in Beginning Adult ESL Oral Skills Classes
2012 Dugdale, Deborah Teaching Beginning Collegiate Spanish Through Music in a Foreign Language Context: A Teaching Portfolio
2012 Atkins, Marnie Strategies for an Indigenous Self-Apprenticeship Language Learning Program
2012 Thompson, Katherine Elizabeth Authentic Literary Materials in Advanced Chinese: A Textbook Supplement Design
2012 Kim, Sunyoung A History Content-Based Korean Language Course Primarily for Heritage Learners Using Media and Film
2012 Genovese, LeeAnn Lesson ‘Beginnings’ for Fostering Intrinsic Motivation: A Teaching Portfolio
2012 Al Balushi, Mahfoudha Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for English Language Teachers’ Training in Oman
2012 Park, Moon Joo After-School Vocabulary Learning Course Through Extensive Reading in Korean High Schools
 2011 Howard, Andrew Helping Students Optimize Language Learning in the Chinese EFL Context
 2011 Al Essa, Abdulaziz Using Technology for Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and General English (GE) to EFL Learners in Saudi Arabia
2011 Adamic, Benjamin Key Word Technique for Vocabulary learning Based on Mnemonic Devices with Created Flashcards for German Learners
2011 Yeo, HyeJin L2 Teacher Motivation for Positive Interaction in a Second Language Classroom:  A Teacher Training Workshop for English Teachers at the Secondary Level in Korea
2011 Yang, Li-Hsien Online Mandarin Chinese for Middle Grade Students
2011 Trummer, Ilsa Incorporating the Teaching of Strategic Competence into EFL Classes in Japan
2011 Park, DaHyun Interlanguage Pragmatics: A Study of Apology Realizations of Korean Learners of English in ESL Context
2011 Nicolato, Neva (Kelli) Vocational and Career Development Goal Setting Strategies for Adult ESL Learners: A Materials Portfolio
2011 McClelland, Sean Using the Tech That’s There: A MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning) Training Workshop for Teachers
2011 Matsushita, Yuriko Finding Balance Between L1 and L2 Use in Japanese High Schools
2011 Latai, Melanie German Case Acquisition: A Teaching Portfolio
2011 Koo, Hyunmo Teaching Korean for Heritage Learners Using Mass Media
2011 Kim, Gyeonghul Developing Communicative Competence with Authentic Materials for EFL Korean High School Students
2011 Jiang, Jiayi Using Literature for Integrated Language Instructions at the College Level in China
2011 Choi, Hyun Il Improving English Speaking Classes for Younger Learners in Private Institutions in Korea: A Teaching Portfolio
2011 Cho, SoJung Teaching Materials for EFL Form-Focused Instruction Using Authentic Materials and Corpus Data
2011 Chan, Michelle Mei Gwen Teaching Portfolio for Teaching Science in English in Malaysia
2001 Bommelyn, Pyuwa Dee-ni’ Mee’ne’ Wee-ya’ Lhetlh-xat: Dee-ni’ Home Language Class
2011 Arndt, Marc Basic English for Immigrants’ Success
2011 Elkhetali, Asmaa A Study of Arabic Learners’ Performance on the CAP Writing Test
2011 Bulugu, Happiness Teaching Speaking Skills for Advanced Swahili Self-Study Students
2011 Rashid, Shaista A Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Workshop for Pakistan English Language Teachers
2011 Hughey, Randall The Integration of Multiple Intelligences in L2 Classrooms: A Course Design for Integrating Multiple Intelligences Theory
2010 Chung, Cindy Developing Authentic Listening Materials for College Students in Taiwan
2010 Choi, Jinwon Using Literature for Improvement of Korean EFL Students’ Reading Comprehension Fluency
2010 Zhou, Leilei Implementing Pair and Small Group Work in EFL Chinese University First Year Class
2010 Son, Dahye A Course Design: High School ESL Through Literature Circles
2010 Phetchroj, Yanika Activities and Techniques for Improving Oral Skills in Thai High School EFL classes
2010 Park, Soyeon A Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Teacher Training Course for English Teachers in Korea
2010 Park, Hyosuk Content-based Language Instruction in an EFL Setting: Teaching English through Science to Korean Elementary Students
2010 Noh, Younghye Case Studies of Effectiveness of Different Types of Teacher Feedback on Accuracy of Targeted Structures in Subsequent Writing
2010 Masuda, Chiasto Causes and Effects of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety: A Case Study of Learners of Japanese in the Untied States
2010 Kim, Kyun Hoon EFL through Media for Adult Learners in Korea: A Course Design
2010 Jordan, Laura Teaching Literacy Skills to Low-Level Adult English Language Learners
2010 Joo, Sun Hoo Materials Development for Korean Young Adult EFL learners’ Integrated Skills Improvement through English TV Medical Dramas: A Teaching Portfolio
2010 Jeong, Ujin A Course Design: Active Reading through Reciprocal Teaching Strategies
2010 Jacob, Roger Naktkwanint Tinwiki (To take care of things the Indian way): Teaching Materials to Benefit Yakama Language Learning and Natural Resource Management
2010 Ishii, Aiko Teaching Japanese to Foreign Nationals in Japan
2010 Huo, Yu Chinese Immersion Summer Camp in Second Life: Virtual World Course Design
2010 Furikado, Yukari Online Tandem Learning Materials for Japanese Students and American Students: A CALL Teaching Portfolio
2010 Crawford, Marcella Pronunciation for Integrated Skills English Courses: A Teaching Portfolio
2010 Cheon, Jaeun Advanced EFL Reading through Extensive Reading for Adult Learners in Korea: A Teaching Portfolio
2010 Anderson, Audrey Using Music to Teach Suprasegmentals
2010 Williamsen, Misti Rose Lee Teaching Language and Culture through Literature: An ESL Reading Course Design
2010 Mathis, Emily Beginning English for Success: An ESL Course for Adult Spanish Speakers at Centro Latino Americano
2010 Lee, Yunkyung Semantic Transfer and its Implications for Teaching Korean Vocabulary: Going Beyond Translation Equivalents
2010 Foroughifar, Zahra Online Materials for Developing Aural/Oral Skills in Persian: A CALL materials Portfolio
2009 Soelberg, Nathan A Workshop Design for Inexperienced, Untrained Native English Speaking Teachers in Korea
2009 Sevinc, Nilay Turquoise: A Turkish Language Beginner Textbook for Adult Speakers of English
2009 Park, Soonyeon An L2 Writing Resource Book for Korean EFL Teachers
2009 Kim, Soo Myung The Effective Order of Vocabulary Teaching Methods for Young Foreign Language Learners
2009 Won, Jiae A Course Design: Better English through Extensive Reading
2009 Ueno, Natsumi Teaching Cooperative Achievement Strategies in a Japanese Language Class: A Teaching Portfolio
2009 Santos, Maria Benedita da Silva Authentic Materials in English Language Classes
2009 Park, Keunbae Content-Based Second Language Instructions: Teaching English through Mathematics
2009 Lee, Danah Reinventing the English Discretionary Class in Korean High Schools: A Project-Based Approach for CALL Material Development
2009 Ki, Kyungmin Chistina A Materials Portfolio: Culture Materials for Korean English Kindergarten
2009 Naoui, Dorsaf Visual Versus Auditory Input in Processing Word Meaning: A Comparative Study on Beginning Level Learners of French as a Second Language
2009 Alhussain, Nadia Abdulrahman Authentic Online Listening Materials for Intermediate Arabic
2008 Wang, Chen-Mao Rethinking of the Teaching of Beginning Reading: The Role of Readers Theater in the Taiwanese EFL Curriculum
2008 Oh, Seunghoon Raising Cross-Cultural Awareness: A Study Abroad Course for Korean University Students
2008 Fang, Shu-Chen Developing Online Cultural Materials for EFL Elementary School Teachers
2008 Bournhonesque, Paul Small Group Formations in the Language Classroom
2008 Shin, Namhee Improving Communicative Competence Using Newsletters
2008 Sheppard, Beth Bringing your Language Home: A Workshop and Materials for Pacific Northwest Families Involved in Language Revitalization
2008 Olson, Alexis Using Podcasts in an Oral Skills Class: A Teaching Portfolio
2008 Lee, Soyeong Effective Ways to Use Storybooks for Young Learners in an EFL Situation: A Teaching Portfolio
2008 Lee, Jung Soo Listening Strategies.  Listening Proficiency and Gender
2008 Chun, Jiwon Academic Writing with a Focus on Vocabulary and Grammar for Korean Students
2008 Chingchit, Omuma Basic English Grammar Materials for EFL Advanced Beginners in Thailand: A Materials Portfolio
2008 Butler, Kelly American Comic Strips and International Students: An Exploration of Humor in Second Language Teaching
2007 McMinn, Kelley Poetry for the Adult ESL Classroom:  A Teaching Portfolio
2007 Matsuhashi, Yuka Socio-Pragmalinguistics Analysis: The Case of Requesting Strategies in Japanese Politeness
2007 Al-Hamid, Amal English Teacher’s Training Course for the Use of CALL in an EFL Classroom
2007 Jung, Hee Yeong Pronunciation Difficulties of English and Japanese Learners of Korean in Terms of Prosodic Features
2007 Sohn, Theresa English for Job Search Preparation: University Students in Korea
2007 Sim, Jae Sun Activities and Materials for Korean High School Student’s Academic Reading
2007 Min, Hyun-Suk Teaching Academic Listening Skills to First-Year Undergraduates in Korea
2007 Lee, Jung Hyun Teaching Oral Skills to Korean High School Students Planning to Study at a U.S. University
2006 Lee, Chang won The Acquisition of the Prepositions In, On, and At by Korean High School Students
2006 Kamps, Bruno Safer Hispanic Construction Workers through English for Specific Purposes
2006 You, Soo Min Korean Speech Perception of English Consonants and Vowels
2006 Yang, Hun Sug Storybooks and Activities for Young Learners: A Material Portfolio
2006 Yamasaki, Rie The Effectiveness of Teacher-Written Feedback on Students’ Writing
2006 Yamada, Emiko Teacher-Training Workshops for In-Service Japanese Teachers of English: Implementing CLT in English Classes in Japan
2006 Sunwoo, You Moung An iB TOEFL Preparation Program Course Design for ESL Students at the AEI
2006 Park, Bitnara Curriculum Design for Children’s Korean Language Program
2006 Park, Jae Young Elective English Course Design for Korean High School Students for Use of Literary Texts
2006 Park, Jong Hyoun Authentic Literature Materials Portfolio for EFL Undergraduate Learners
2006 Oh, Bomi Development of a Grammar and Conversation Textbook for Korean Adult Beginners
2006 Ko, Tzu Hui Teaching Chinese Tones and Intonation to Advanced Adult Learners
2006 Kim, Sha Yun Lesson Plan Portfolio Using Storybooks: A Guide for Teachers
2006 Ji, Hyunsu In-Service Teacher Training Program for Private Institutions in Korea
2006 Choe, Sung Hyae Media Materials Portfolio for Korean Adult ESL Learners
2006 Chang, MinKyung Web-based Materials Using Bible Stories for English Learners
2006 Spencer, Kim Roesler Literature, Language and Culture in the ESL Classroom: A Portfolio of Materials and Curriculum
2006 Halone, Tiffany Jo Pronunciation Material for Beginning Level Adult Learners
2005 Kim, Satbueal Frequency Profiling of the GRE and TOEFL Word List and Corpus-Based Vocabulary Learning
2005 Young, Heather Elizabeth ESL for Expectant Mothers: An English for Specific Purposes Curriculum Design Project
2005 Pala, Ozgur Teaching Listening and Reading Comprehension in Turkish Using Web-based Materials
2005 Lee, Hyang Sook An Immigrant Student’s Adjustment into a New Classroom Environment
2005 Kim, Yoon Jun Comprehension Monitoring Strategies through Peer Collaboration in ESL Academic Reading
2005 Kim, Hye Sook Authentic Materials Portfolio for Young Korean ESL Learners
2005 Jeong, Sang Young Curriculum Design for Businessmen for Semitool Korea
2005 Chin, Yon Jeong How to Assess Writing by Rubrics in a Korean Setting

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