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MA Project

The focal accomplishment of LTS students during the program is the capstone MA Project Portfolio, which is included in the degree requirements. This online portfolio consists of outstanding representative artifacts (e.g., language learning materials, lesson plans, curriculum design, reports, proposals) created by the student for courses throughout the entire program of study. Work on the portfolio begins in the first term, continues through consecutive terms, and is completed in the final term of LT 611.

Contents of this carefully curated portfolio represent competencies in six key areas: language as a dynamic system, course/lesson design, digitally mediated language learning, assessment, teaching, and research. Narration, reflection, and overall portfolio design represent the unique professional interests and teaching context of each graduating student.

Alternative MA projects focused on research are possible in consultation with program advisor.


Kathryn Carpenter at the Graduate Research Forum


Joliene Adams at the Workshop on American Indian Languages

LTS students have presented their work in a wide range of forums, including at major conventions such as TESOL and ACTFL, or at more local conferences such as ORTESOL and at UO events such as the annual Graduate Research Forum, the AEI’s Professional Development Series, or other departmental events.


Becky Lawrence at the Graduate Research Forum

All LTS students must present their completed project to a public audience in their final term, usually in the Summer during the LTS MA Project Symposium.


Javid Rasooly at the UO 3 Minute Thesis finals

See here for a list of all 300+ past LTS MA Project titles.


Christopher Daradics at the Graduate Research Forum