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Collaborations – UO language departments

In addition to having opportunities at the American English Institute, LTS students can also connect with other language departments and programs, such as East Asian Languages and Literatures, Romance Languages, German and Scandinavian, and Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies.

  • LTS students who are highly proficient in the target language can apply for Graduate Employee positions (funded teaching positions) in some of these departments. LTS students have been successful at obtaining these positions in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and German when the departments have need. Applicants who have already been admitted to LTS can contact the departments to inquire about how to submit an application (usually a cover letter and resume).
  • LTS students who are proficient in the target language can obtain elective credit in LTS by interning in any language classroom at UO or at Lane Community College (including languages such as Swahili, Sahaptin, and Arabic, among many others – see here). Internships involve assisting the teacher in the classroom and teaching segments of the class under supervision.
  • LTS students can take courses at the graduate level in language departments for elective credit.
  • LTS students can benefit from having faculty from language departments on their MA project advising committees.

This video highlights our collaboration with the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, as one example.