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Program Overview

Language Teaching Studies (LTS) Masters of Arts in the Department of Linguistics

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The MA Language Teaching Studies (LTS) is designed to support all language teachers. Program goals include

  • Identifying the common practices of successful language learners as well as the diverse characteristics of languages and learner needs
  • Emphasizing methodologies and curricula that align with current research and theory
  • Recognizing the importance of social context, identity, and agency in language use
  • Highlighting best uses of digital tools to motivate and inspire learners in and beyond classroom contexts
  • Providing a background in language evaluation to match a new international need for proficiency-based assessment
  • Applying what has been learned in the program to an individualized capstone project that is designed for an authentic teaching or learning context (See this page for a list of Project titles since 2005).
  • Welcoming program participants into a cohort model based on community, strong social networks and professional development opportunities

Many of our students specialize in teaching English, or in English and an additional language, but some students focus only on a language other than English (e.g. Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, French, Japanese, among others). Some students focus on the revitalization of endangered languages, such as those of the Sahaptin family, or on less commonly taught languages, such as Thai or Persian. Most applicants to the program already have the expected proficiency in the target language(s) typically required for teaching positions in the language(s), although teacher-learners of very endangered languages may also be building their own language proficiency. See here for more description of this unique, multilingual aspect of our program.

This rich linguistic diversity is possible through collaboration with the American English Institute (AEI) as well as through links to other departments and organizations at the University of Oregon, such as the East Asian Languages & Literatures Department (EALL), the Romance Languages Department, the Yamada Language Center, the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) and its Chinese Flagship Program, and the Northwest Indian Languages Institute (NILI), among others.

Who Enrolls in Our Program

An MA in Language Teaching is considered the terminal degree for language teachers who wish to teach adults or children in private or public schools, institutions, colleges, or universities in the US or abroad. Our graduates teach across multiple contexts both in the US and abroad. See our Alumni spotlight pages, the LTSblog site, and this newsletter article to see examples of what some of our graduates have done or are doing now.

Public K-12 schools require additional licensure in their local states, as well as preparation through programs such as the UO Teach Program in the College of Education. Public elementary and secondary schools abroad likewise generally require additional local certification.

Our admissions are limited to a cohort of approximately 20 students each year, to ensure a quality graduate experience.

Applicants to our program include international students as well as U.S. citizens, and pre-service as well as experienced teachers seeking additional qualifications.