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Costs and Funding

Costs for LTS 2022-2023

The first Summer 2022 term of the LTS program will be delivered online. All students will need to be on the UO campus starting in the Fall 2022 term. Learn more.

Cost estimate:

Oregon Resident Graduate Student: $26, 037 (includes all 5 terms)

Non-Oregon Resident Graduate Student: $41,193 (includes all 5 terms)

This tuition estimate is for the entire LTS 5-term intensive program (12 credits in the first Summer term, 37 credits Fall-Spring, and 8 credits in the second Summer term), and is based on current Summer 2021 and 2021-22 academic year tuition information. Tuition is set by the University of Oregon and may change from year to year. The most direct way to calculate costs is on the Registrar’s page here.

Funding opportunities for LTS students:

Because the LTS program is short, intensive, and focuses on professional preparation, opportunities to be fully funded are competitive. However, some LTS Students find Graduate Employment (GE) positions during the academic year. The Department of Linguistics has a limited number of GE positions that are offered to LTS students on a term by term basis. Some of our students have also been awarded positions with other departments. For example, between 2017 and 2020, 25-50% of our students received at least one term of GE funding (tuition remission, stipend, fee subsidy, and health insurance). During the 2021-2022 academic year, 50% of LTS students have received GE funding in at least one term.

Graduate Employee positions at the UO

Please check the Division of Graduate Studies website for GE positions you may be qualified for (new ones become available weekly and are posted for at least 3 weeks).

Language Resource Center Curriculum Development GE (Graduate Employee position)

This position has been suspended due to Covid-19 for the 2021-22 academic year. The Curriculum Development Assistant GE is a normally a 3-term (9 month) position at the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS).

Linguistics Department Graduate Employee position(s)

GE positions are limited and are typically reserved for PhD students, but they may become available in the Linguistics department in some circumstances. If a position becomes available, LTS will contact qualified students about the opportunity to apply.

Tutoring positions


  • For native students with tribal affiliation, there are scholarships such as the Future Stewards Award, which pays for tuition for up to six terms of study (2 academic years). Deadline is early September for the year of admission.
  • For domestic students from underrepresented backgrounds, there is the Diversity Scholarship, which pays a stipend that is renewable each year. Deadline is in January.
  • For international students, some scholarships or financial aid options are also provided through the Office of International Affairs (OIA): One of these is the ICSP scholarship, which has a deadline of Feb. 19. Please note that these scholarships may have earlier deadlines than the LTS program deadline. Please contact Director Keli Yerian if you are applying for these OIA scholarships, as you should complete your application to LTS before the scholarship deadlines.
  • The Graduate School website shows other university financial aid opportunities, such as scholarships or work-study opportunities: